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Re: [IP] Mixing of H and V: summary report

Ruth, thanks for your comments.  I've always suspected that you are more
"different" than me (even thought I only know you by your posts on this
list ).   Inded, I doubt whether there is anyone else out there that can
take a site for 13 days, with V or anything else.  So you clearly have a
body that can tolerate catheters for an "abnormal" (but nice) length of
	Although I don't seem to have much "reaction" to the various
insulins, there are some who clearly do.  But even here, I too recall how
people would anectdotally complain that Humalin would cause various
reaction problems when it first came out.   Yet this is the one insulin
that is exactly like what the Beta cells put out.  The allergic problems
with beef and pork insulins were more related to the purification
limitations than the insulin itself.
	True allergic reactions are pretty uncommon (occurring in only
about 1% of diabetics), but there are lots of ways you can get site
irritation without an allergic reaction.  I still think that much of the
variation (redness, bumps,  itching, failure of insulin absorption) is
related to how the body handles the foreign object under the skin.  Sites
vary in their nerve supply, amount of capillaries damaged during insertion,
and vascularization.  The itching (which fortunately I don't get) results
from stimulation of local sensory nerves around the site (again very
variable among people and sites).  It's common experience that some
splinters cause more trouble than others, depending on where and what, and
I think there is this kind of variability even with the teflon catheters.
John Walsh describes the "tunneling" phenomenon, where insulin can move
along a fibrous sheath that the body forms to isolate the catheter.
	Anyway, if someone thinks that a little V mixed in helps, then
maybe it does.  At the very least it may make some feel like they're smart,
doing something better than even their physician can do.   This positive
attitude is often the best medicine anyway.

<<<<<<<<<<From: Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
I'm very interested in your study.  Except that for me, the results seem =
to be more clear cut.  I can get pure humalog sites to last anywhere from=
 1-4 days with a wide variety of bumps and a bump about 1/2 the time.  Ve=
losulin sites last at least 4, often 6-8 day and in the last year (6 mont=
hs of which I used velosulin), I had one site that had to come out after =
2 hours from soreness, redness and irritation.  The 5:1 mix is better tha=
n H, but the 4:1 mix seems to have fewer bumps although not to last longe=
r.   This last item, though,  I have not paid as meticulous attention to =
as the h:v comparison.    Having said all that, I should add that humalog=
 by itself makes my sites itch as does regular (instead of velosulin) and=
 the mix does not often cause this.  I wonder if the reaction to the insu=
lin is what causes the problem?  If so, those people who have little reac=
tion might very well not see any of the differences that are so vivid in =
my own experience.   It's not unlike the time when
humulin first came out -- there were reports that different individuals t=
olerated humulin, beef insulin, beef & pork insulin, pork insulin differe=
ntly.  Some had skin and hypertrophy reactions with one or another, other=
s did not, some were downright allergic.  I don't know if that's correct =
but it does seem quite plausible.>>>>>>>>>>

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