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[IP] Re:insulin half life

Stan, the insulin half life (that it, how long it takes for half the
insulin to be depleted) is known to be affected by the amount.   You are
correct that the larger amounts can hang around much longer.  But this is
also true when insulin is injected, so it is not peculiar to pump users.
It is also not peculiar to H, as it occurs with all injected or bolused
insulins (although it would be harder to quantify with the long acting

<<<<<<<<<<From: "Stanley J. Miller" <email @ redacted>

Yes, I have been using Humalog from day 1 (about a year).  However, certain
carbohydrates seem to digest very fast and send my BG through the roof.  It
also appears that when a bolus is high (8 units) it takes a good 4 hours for
the insulin to absorb.  In contrast, a smaller bolus seems to absorb in
about 2 hours.  Am I just imagining this or have others experienced it also.

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