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Re: [IP] disabled R us

On  3 Sep 98 at 8:04, Bonnie  RICHARDSON wrote:

> Please remember when your company wants to use your diabetes as a disability,
> and if does not interfere with your work & no visible disableness, 
>it is your choice.   My company does not use mine,

They might not "use" it as a disability, but the HR people may list 
you on one of their reports to the government that tracks how well 
they are complying with all the various rules and regulations on 
employment.  This generally only occurs in large companies where they 
have to file reports listing how many people with various 
"disabilities" are employed.  

Your attitude is a good example for all of us!  I guess it really is 
somewhat of a personal choice how "disabled" we are at times.  I know 
that since I've gotten the pump I'm more "abled" than I was when I 
was fighting the rollercoaster ride all the time...

Thanks for your comment, Bonnie.

Randall P. Winchester
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