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Re: [IP] offers/questions

On  3 Sep 98 at 0:09, Shaughnessy, Kelly (RSCH - SF wrote:

> i have a few questions, on my pump, that i would love any thoughts on.  i am
> in week 3 and loving it, but today something weird happened.  i went to bed
> at midnight and my BG was 144.  i woke up at 5 am and it was 388!!  i know
> the pump must have stopped somewhere--i bolused 6 units (which i thought
> would bring it to 88) and two hours later it was down to 179.  three hours
> later it was at 45, so i guess i overdid the bolus.  but i didn't need to
> end up changing the site, which i had expected i would. is the likely
> culprit "crimping" and how do i avoid this?  i then experienced lows off and
> on all day....i am still trying to figure out the right basal rates.  i know
> everyone's mileage varies, but on average, how many different basal rates do
> people use?  i have 3 so far, and i definitely still need fine-tuning.  last
> question--i have had ZERO pain inserting "introducer" needle using
> sof-serter, but 'til now, i have used only my right abdomen.  i tried my
> left one over the weekend, and the pain was quite sharp inserting the needle
> and it was tender the whole time.  when i took it out, there was no
> irritation, but i wondered if this disparity was typical? 

1.  I've had some odd events like this and they are hard to track 
down.  Anything from mosquito bites, late dinner, kink in the 
infusion line to allergy seems to cause a spike.  If your bolus 
brought it down then the line was ok - I've suspected a kink in the 
canula caused by sleeping in position that stresses it that releases 
once I start moving around.

2.  I use 7 basal rates during the day and am currently looking at my 
records to evaluate adding number 8.  Some people get by with fewer, 
some require more...

3. I have a few specific spots that hurt like crazy when using a 
syringe and they really hurt if I manage to hit them with the 
infusion set.  I think that you can hit too close to a large 
capillary or nerve ending and that's what causes the pain.  I've got 
one spot on my right side that if I hit it just right it hurts - but 
it hurts at a spot about six inches from the site.  I try to avoid 
these spots but navigation is sometimes hard... 
Randall P. Winchester
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