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Re: [IP] To the members of Insulin Pumpers

On  2 Sep 98 at 22:38, ME wrote:

> Hi Gang.. Well I can see some Immaturity is everywhere you go... I was
> placed on the Pump today.. and using the sils I overcame the Fear of the
> Tree Trunk looking needle.. I will be on Saline solution for a week and
> then its Insulin Time next Wednesday.. I can't wait....  Just wish I
> could Bolus now and forget the shots :)  But.. I'll wait a week....

Welcome to the Collective... Happy Assimilation Day!  Take advantage 
of this time to practice, work out any initial problems or what 
ever...  next week you'll be fully assimilated and can move on to 
more exciting things...  hopefully things like the freedom from the 
schedule imposed by the shots and other good things...

Randall P. Winchester
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