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[IP] offers/questions

hi everyone

on lancet device pain--i was just in the pharmacy today and noticed that the
micro-let is sold separately.  this is the device that i think is much less
painful than the others, and it's also small...i think i told everyone, this
is the one i use with the fast take and it fits in the little pouch better
than the lifescan device.  anyway, still can't get over how much better the
pain is and i wanted to recommend it again.

free complete meter--i was given one by my doctor who had some samples, and
also received one from minimed in the mail.  if anyone would like this,
please e-mail me, and i'll send it out to you.  apparently, this one costs
$140 in stores and doesn't have the typical deals...i haven't tried it yet,
but i know it has some special pump settings, so let me know!

clinical trial in the bay area, anyone?  last, for those who live in the bay
area, i am in a clinical trial tomorrow to test a new "painless" glucose
meter.  this is not non-invasive, but it is said to hurt somewhat less than
typical lancets...also, with this device, alternate spots besides fingertips
are used, such as forearm, etc.  if you are interested, zap me and i'll send
you info.  the trial is in concord (oakland) over the next few weeks...it
takes about an hour, and the pay is $50.

i have a few questions, on my pump, that i would love any thoughts on.  i am
in week 3 and loving it, but today something weird happened.  i went to bed
at midnight and my BG was 144.  i woke up at 5 am and it was 388!!  i know
the pump must have stopped somewhere--i bolused 6 units (which i thought
would bring it to 88) and two hours later it was down to 179.  three hours
later it was at 45, so i guess i overdid the bolus.  but i didn't need to
end up changing the site, which i had expected i would. is the likely
culprit "crimping" and how do i avoid this?  i then experienced lows off and
on all day....i am still trying to figure out the right basal rates.  i know
everyone's mileage varies, but on average, how many different basal rates do
people use?  i have 3 so far, and i definitely still need fine-tuning.  last
question--i have had ZERO pain inserting "introducer" needle using
sof-serter, but 'til now, i have used only my right abdomen.  i tried my
left one over the weekend, and the pain was quite sharp inserting the needle
and it was tender the whole time.  when i took it out, there was no
irritation, but i wondered if this disparity was typical? 

thanks for any responses.

best,  kelly  
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Kelly L. Shaughnessy
Merrill Lynch Fundamental Equity Research
(415) 274-8294
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