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[IP] Hi Rod!

I've been wondering about you and how you've been doing.  I too got the
letter from UN about Dr. Quigley's departure.  At first it seemed almost
lucky -- I was scheduled to go to Ireland, very close to Cork, where he
moved.  Then my brother-in-law was severely injured and the trip cancelled.
Sometimes it takes time to find a good doc, but once you have the process
down, elimination becomes easy and the process is shorter.

I have a question that may be related to the gastroparesis, or perhaps just
my weird diabetic body.  I've been able to base insulin directly on carb
count for years -- 10 grams = 1 unit since the pump.  I've forgotten what I
used when I was on U and H, but it was also set.  Since the 9th of August,
my body has quit being so predictable.  I've retested my basals, and they
are not measurably different, however, now I HAVE to use different carb to
insulin ratios for each meal.  My doc screwed around (I was having so many
reactions -- 40% were less than 60 -- that my confidence was Zapped, and I
asked him to help) with the basals anyway.  While the decreased basals are
not right -- discovered when I was too nauseated to face breakfast and my
bgs rose steeply-- the changes have lessened the number of reactions.
Breakfast is the most extreme.  My basals are down to 0.2 and my carb /
insulin at 18 to 1.  Lunch has actually increased; carb to insulin is 8 or 9
to1.  Supper is 13 to 1.  Until August 9, my carb to insulin was 10 to 1
across the board.  I don't understand what is going on.   Stress can
probably be blamed in part now, but the changes actually started a week
before the accident.

I'm praying for you, along with many others.  Please continue to share from
your experience.  You have been able to help with knowledge and attitude  so
greatly.  We are going to try to do that with Karl's coma/injury.  Their (my
husband and Karl have a company together) company makes adaptive devices,
primarily communication means, and will now try to facilitate communication
for patients in ICU and rehab units.  Since I work at a hospital, we will
probably start there.
Thanks and take care,

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