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[IP] Exercise & Increased BG levels

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Exercise & Increased BG levels
>I have had a strange past two days.  Yesterday I changed my pump site and I
was having some low blood sugars all day.  It was also very, very hot
and I wonder if that was playing a part in it.  This morning I woke up with
fasting of 124 which is on the high side for me, I am usually in the 80's.

Hi Cindy...  From what you have said regarding your usual observed response
to exercise, as well as your observed lows the entire day before, it is my
feeling that perhaps your 124 fasting (which you note is higher for you) is
actually a point in the process of a "rebound" high for you(?).  Could it be
that you experienced an undetected low during the night as well??  In that
case the post exercise one may be reflective of this as well.  It is true
that blood sugars with exercise may rise for a number of reasons - in the
presence of insulin deficiency; due to high intensity exercise; the pulling
from both liver and muscle stores of glycogen (glucose); conversion of
lactic acid to glucose, etc.  Based on what you have shared however, I don't
tend to believe that this is what is happening to you here.  Mostly because
you note that you have not seen this response before, and your exercise
training levels are fairly consistent.  Remember too that hormonal levels
can certainly have this type of effect, depending on where you might be in
relation to your cycle.  (We women have it rough! *lol*)  Btw, I have to
agree that you are *very* lucky to be seeing as little variation as you are!
Keep smilin' - this is GREAT work!

Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE
Clinical Exercise Physiologist

>I rode for 40 minutes at an average of 16 to 18 mph and I felt great while
riding.  I checked my bg after the ride and I was 189 !!!!  Now where did
come from?  I exercise at least 6 days a week and it usually lowers my blood
sugar.  I took a high blood sugar bolus along with my breakfast bolus and I
back to normal with a 80 pre-lunch and 94 after lunch.  Any ideas anyone?
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