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Re: [IP] Sore / itchy sites

This is a common problem.  It is a much worse problem when you pump humalog.
Reports vary but I've seen everything from people developing these after 24 hours
to people developing them after 4 days.  Regular is better but I've never been
able to tolerate a Regular insulin site more than 5 days (i've had a pump for 17
years now).  Velosulin lasts longest -- it's a kind of Regular Insulin with the
same action time as Regular.  I can get 5-13 days out of a velosulin site (I'm
not suggesting 13 but when I've had little access to supplies or med care I have
stretched them out that long to make ends meet).  In February, after Michael told
us about mixing velosulin and humalog, I decided to give it a try.  My experience
is that the mixture of the two has most of the assets of each alone (sites last
3-7 days and don't get as mosquito bite like) and mostly counters the drawbacks
of each one alone.  It's something to consider.  People do have variable
reactions (allergies etc) to insulin injected subcutaneously.  I react more to
humalog than reg, more to pork than humalog, more to beef than pork, etc...  The
itchy skin is often a sign of this kind of reaction.

Good luck!

Miranda wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> My first couple weeks on the pump were great!  The bg's were down, my
> sugar cravings were down.  But I've begun having site problems and my
> sugars are back up.  The sites itch most of the time and boluses sometimes
> sting (not in muscle, i am certain).  When I remove the set, the site is a
> big red mark that looks and feels exactly like a mosquito bite.  I have
> been using skin prep by smith and newphew to cleanse the site.  any ideas
> on something better to use, or on what the problem could be?
> thank you!
> Miranda
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