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[IP] Info. on Insulin Pumps

Hi Everyone:
        I am new to this neighbourhood but from all of the wonderful
help and advice that is given here-I'm glad to have the chance to move
        I am in the process of getting an insulin pump. Hopefully, by
the end of October I can classify myself as an official "pumper". I am
so excited about starting a "new life"! Been a IDDM for 111/2 years. At
the present time I am taking 4-5 needles per day and testing sugars 4-8
times per day. With all of the wonderful things said about the pump, I
can't wait....
         I have been doing alot of research on this topic but I think
that I have learned so much from the guys and gals here. THANKS!!!!!
          I especially would like to thank Rosalind, Diane and Ellen for
their words of encouragement. I truly appreciate it!!!!!
            I live in New Brunswick, Canada. In my area, there is only 4
pumpers with no support group. I plan on being "pumper #5" and being
able to start a support group. It may be a small group-but ya gotta
start somewhere!!!!!!
        I would like to mention an excellent book called,"Pumping
Insulin"-written by
John Walsh. It is a truly wonderful book for those who are considering
using a pump and for those on one. It answers questions about site
infections, what to do if your sugars are high or low, how to test and
set basal rates, carbohydrate boluses, etc. I have noticed that alot of
questions asked here are answered in this book. Just thought that I
would share that thought.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/