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Re: [IP] disabled R us

On  2 Sep 98 at 15:47, email @ redacted wrote:

> Yerachmiel wrote:
> > And if the 'disability' doesn't affect work, it ain't a disability.   If I'm
> > not able to work then why should a company have me on their payroll 

With the environment of today this idea may be accurate in some sense 
but it doesn't match with the legal and corporate reality.  There is 
a whole list of 'disabilities' that give people preferences, from 
being born into a certain racial group, or sex, or ethnic group, to 
having certain physical challenges.  Not long after I was diagnosed 
with diabetes one of the HR people commented that he felt like they 
had gotten a bonus - now they could put a person on one of their EEOC 
reports who was actually able to do the work they were hired for, 
instead of just being hired to meet a quota that nobody would call a 

snip for space...

> Jeff wrote:
> > I never used diabetes to get any special privileges, I believe that if a
> > benefit is available it should be used. To take advantage of an offering
> such
> > as a scholarship is not taking an unfare benefit from the disease we all...
> I completely agree.   Just as one who is of Native American descent or other
> under-represented minority ought to be able to make use of the scholarships
> and benefits available to them in this day and age...and the Sons of Italy
> also provide scholarships as do loads of other organizations who base their
> decision on some "thing" you have...whether it be a disease or an ethnic
> background or a genetically induced excellent GPA. 

If there are restricted use funds for things like scholarships or 
whatever directed at specific groups and you are in one of those 
groups, go for it.  In most cases those funds will just sit unless 

> A person who has difficulty walking SHOULD receive a handicapped parking
> sticker so they can park close, and kids with certain ailments SHOULD be
> allowed to cut to the front of the line at Disney, because standing in the hot
> sun is detrimental to their health, and I have nothing against this sort of
> assertion of "rights."
> What I originally objected to was "using" diabetes" as a way around the
> system...in the recent example, the college student getting to pre-register by
> "using" his disability, ie diabetes.

Much of the turmoil in our society in the past thirty years is over 
who gets "special" treatment or preferential treatment.  There is no 
such thing as a "level playing field" in our society.  People are 
fighting for preferences due to sexual orientation, political 
affiliation, race, ethnic background, socio-economic status, 
nationality, various afflictions, disabilities and affections... you 
name it and there's a group trying to get their group on top of the 
pile.  The "system" today is more defined by the multitude of ways 
around it than by the paths through it.  Enough about that though - I 
could really get a fight started on some of these issues!

> While I won't get that parking sticker til I am forced to, there are some
> "advantages" (for lack of a better word) to having diabetes that harm no one
> else and help me...for example, I am considering this (please dont think I am
> horrible)  In NYC you can get a unlimited bus/subway bas for a month, but the
> one for disabled individuals is less than 1/2 the price.   
> Using my diabetes this way may not make me a better person, but then neither
> is cutting line at Disney, but no one is affected by THIS - I take up the same
> amount of room whether I pay $1.50 or .60 there is no special seating, no
> special entrance, nothing that separates me from the other smelly folk onboard
> - I take nothing from the truly disabled, while save myself some bucks - am I
> a bad person for this?  Am I abusing my disability?  Or am I just cheap??

It's not "abuse" to take advantage of the discount.  You will be 
using it for it's intended purpose so there is no moral or ethical 
problem.  Now if you bought the pass for half price and then re-sold 
it that would be a problem...  

> Those of you who re-use the same syringe more than once can understand this.
> I just joined the gym last night in an effort to take control of the fat
> onslaught...So far my first two workouts have cost $350 each...I will have to
> work out 100 times for them to only cost $7 apiece, which is almost
> reasonable...so to save .70 each time on the train kinda helps! 
> I havent done it yet and am waiting to get y'all's opinion actually.  Does
> this make me a huge hypocrite?  Is there something I am missing - please feel
> free to email me privately...I can take it...

It doesn't make you a hypocrit.  It just means you are working within 
the system as it exists now and using what advantages are there.  
You're not taking something away from someone else and it doesn't 
deprive anyone of the same benefit.  There's no need to "be macho" 
and refuse to utilize a benefit like this.  All you are doing is 
legally using a benefit offered by the transport system.  

Randall P. Winchester
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