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[IP] disabled R us

Yerachmiel wrote:

> And if the 'disability' doesn't affect work, it ain't a disability.   If I'm
> not able to work then why should a company have me on their payroll 

I don’t completely agree - some “afflictions” affect LIFE, and thereby work.  

I had a friend with MS...at first he continued to work...his disability didnt
affect his work much, so was it really a disability?  How about when this
former athlete had to start using a cane, and then a wheelchair...then there
were stretches of time he we was unable to come in to the office...fortunately
for him, the company kept him on the payroll.  I am not sure if he was on
disability  leave duirng these times, but he came back several times and his
insurance never lapsed.  

Gary’s attitude and mental faculties were never disabled, nor was his
performance at work, when he was there, but he was most certainly disabled and
took advantage of the preferred parking space, changed his office to one that
received better ventilation and a/c, and whatever else I hope that company
could provide for him.

Jeff wrote:
> I never used diabetes to get any special privileges, I believe that if a
> benefit is available it should be used. To take advantage of an offering
> as a scholarship is not taking an unfare benefit from the disease we all...

I completely agree.   Just as one who is of Native American descent or other
under-represented minority ought to be able to make use of the scholarships
and benefits available to them in this day and age...and the Sons of Italy
also provide scholarships as do loads of other organizations who base their
decision on some “thing” you have...whether it be a disease or an ethnic
background or a genetically induced excellent GPA. 

A person who has difficulty walking SHOULD receive a handicapped parking
sticker so they can park close, and kids with certain ailments SHOULD be
allowed to cut to the front of the line at Disney, because standing in the hot
sun is detrimental to their health, and I have nothing against this sort of
assertion of “rights."

What I originally objected to was “using” diabetes” as a way around the
system...in the recent example, the college student getting to pre-register by
“using” his disability, ie diabetes.

While I won't get that parking sticker til I am forced to, there are some
“advantages” (for lack of a better word) to having diabetes that harm no one
else and help me...for example, I am considering this (please dont think I am
horrible)  In NYC you can get a unlimited bus/subway bas for a month, but the
one for disabled individuals is less than 1/2 the price.   

Using my diabetes this way may not make me a better person, but then neither
is cutting line at Disney, but no one is affected by THIS - I take up the same
amount of room whether I pay $1.50 or .60 there is no special seating, no
special entrance, nothing that separates me from the other smelly folk onboard
- I take nothing from the truly disabled, while save myself some bucks - am I
a bad person for this?  Am I abusing my disability?  Or am I just cheap??

Those of you who re-use the same syringe more than once can understand this.
I just joined the gym last night in an effort to take control of the fat
onslaught...So far my first two workouts have cost $350 each...I will have to
work out 100 times for them to only cost $7 apiece, which is almost
reasonable...so to save .70 each time on the train kinda helps! 

I havent done it yet and am waiting to get y'all's opinion actually.  Does
this make me a huge hypocrite?  Is there something I am missing - please feel
free to email me privately...I can take it...

email @ redacted
*-)=B xoxx
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