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[IP] cholesterol

Delaine wrote:

> The ADA (finally & thankfully!) has quite recently come out in support 
> of a more aggressive approach to lipid management in persons with 
> diabetes - and are actually encouraging persons with diabetes...

I was shocked when my kidney medicine study doctor put me on cholesterol
lowering meds.  My numbers were 180-200, which is not out of average.  I asked
why not just make me modify my diet first, and she said that the medicines
work so well and so efficiently that now they are saying just GET that
cholesterol down as quick as possible...As Delaine and the ADA say:

> The relationship between diabetes and heart disease is so great 

so why mess around?  I eat very little animal protein other than poultry and
fish, which have lower fat amounts than beef.  lo and non fat milk and other
dairy products.  I do get my share of saturated fats in my monthly Ben and
Jerry’s indulgence, but I really don’t really get that much bad fat in my

So I take my daily Mevacor (along with my capoten and vitamins), my
cholesterol is 160...I am happy, my doctor is happy, my heart is happy.  I am
not exactly sure what my LDL and HDL numbers were, but they didnt make the
doctor say anything so I can only  assume they were in range...I will ask next

Sara (who wants to look like Sara Connor in Terminator 2)
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