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[IP] friends R US

i know I am usually venting or defending myself to some doctor or
another...but I just wanted to take an opportunity and add my $2 worth of
thanks to the list admins.

Also take a second to congratulate those of you who have recently posted your
great A1C results...Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing everyone else's too - I
know there are some people in the 9s and 10s and higher, who feel 5.7 is a
long way off...and who might be discouraged only reading about the amazing
results some of you have experienced...Come on folks...fess up - who has a
9.7?  admit it and be proud!!!  At least it isnt the 13.4 of times past!!!

And Rod...what passes for prayers in my non-religion go out to you on a daily
basis!  You keep trucking guy...don't give up until you find doctors who will
work with you and help you, if possible.  I know we are all pulling for you
and are grateful for your eternel spark of energy and enthusiasm!

Sara [507]~~~~(_*_)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/