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[IP] Re: Sue's upset

Sue wrote:

> It really upsets me that people can't come to me directly if they have a
> problem with me or my posts -- instead it seems that they have gone
> behind my back.  To me this seems mighty cowardly.
> As for the signature line ... There is no way to reconfigure my browser
> to shorten it for just this one list.  I have never had any problems
> and/or complaints from any of the other lists/newsgroups I subscribe to
> (there are many).  I use the same signature line for all of them.  I
> fail to see why it is so difficult for a person to hit the down key or
> scroll key a couple of extra times to go past it.


It's Michael's job as sysop to address problems with the list.  I don't
think he meant to hurt your feelings in any way.  If you think back over
the last few months, several list members have posted to the whole group
for everyone to please stop copying the whole message of people you are
replying to.  I don't think anyone has 'attacked' you personally. 
Michael was probably keeping looking for ways to help EVERYONE on the
list, by sending private e-mails to those still copying whole messages. 
The reason everyone needs to snip out the irrelevant parts is because
some people, especially in countries other than USA, have to pay by the
minute for time used on-line.  Not everyone has access to a flat rate,
and it can get expensive to download redundant information.  You can't
decide what you will or won't download; you can only download the whole
thing.  People aren't so worried about scrolling through the excess, but
reducing their internet access bill.

If you can't alter your signature line, at least try to help those who
have to pay a lot for internet access by snipping out the irrelevant
info from the posts you are replying to.  If you don't know how to do
that, just ask the group.  Be sure to let us know what e-mail program
you are using and one of us would be happy to assist you.


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