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Re: [IP] (no subject)

List and Michael,

I appreciate your notes of support and your various viewpoints.

I didn't mean to be so harsh in my previous post.  I have really been
suffering bad from my depression the last few days -- currently, I am
having suicidal ideations (thoughts) and fighting with everything I can
muster to keep it from going any further.  I am seeing my Psychiatrist
on Friday (9/4) and hope that he can help me.  

Because of all this stress, my BGs have been bouncing everywhere and I
have become  a real bitch, I guess.  In the last 24 hours, the lowest BG
I have been able to obtain was 206 and that was my fasting BG this
morning.  I have been swinging between hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
constantly the last few days.  I am seeing my Endo about this in a
couple of weeks.  He wants me to have a bunch more blood tests done
before he sees me unless it becomes an emergency.  

I don't know if the diabetes is feeding the depression or if the
depression is feeding the diabetes -- it's hard to tell.

As far as the signature line goes, I stated in a previous post that it
is IMPOSSIBLE for me to change my signature line for just ONE list
(sorry).  Right now, I am using an old 486 computer system with a (don't
laugh) 210 meg hard drive.  Because of that, I don't have room for extra
software.  I run an old (i.e. small) version of Netscape and I am locked
into using it's mail program.  I hope to upgrade to a better computer
this fall (if I am lucky).  Maybe then I can do something different. 
For the time being, however, you will have to either use your "delete"
key or your "down" key.

> It's not personal Sue, please stay.
> The large trailer simply adds a lot more lines to an already
> overwhelmingly large digest. I'm just trying to make everyone's life
> a little easier.
> Very Best Regards,
> Michael
> email @ redacted


	... Sue  :-)

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