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Re: [IP] Exercise & Increased BG levels

>   Yesterday I changed my pump site and I
> was having some low blood sugars all day.It was also very, very hot outside

It's important to know that sites absorb differently from one another.  Also, over
time, you begin to build up little bits of scar tissue and/or fatty tissue around
some sites.  You may just have switched to a better absorbing site.   I haven't
ever conclusively figured out which direction heat sends BGs.  Less activity (even
just less in that I get up less times in an hour to move across the room),
definately sends mine up.  I'd be interested to know other people's experience
with heat!

> and I wonder if that was playing a part in it.  This morning I woke up with a
> fasting of 124 which is on the high side for me, I am usually in the 80's.

How often is "usually"?  Many meters will vary as much as 20-30 points from test
to test so you might not have been 40 points higher.  It could also be that you
ate a little more fat or protein the day before than usual or simply a reaction to
the heat and you moving slower to conserve energy.  .

> I
> didn't worry about it much because I was getting ready to ride my lifecycle.
> I rode for 40 minutes at an average of 16 to 18 mph and I felt great while
> riding.  I checked my bg after the ride and I was 189 !!!!  Now where did that
> come from?  I exercise at least 6 days a week and it usually lowers my blood
> sugar.

It could be you're getting in better shape and your body is doing less work and
putting out more adrenalin and glucagon to sustain the exercise.  It could also be
that you usually exercise at a different point in the cycles of
food/insulin/sleep/blood sugar direction.  If you were already rising, I generally
find that my BG continues to go up whereas if I was dropping, when I begin
exercising, it keeps heading down at an accelerated rate.

>   Any ideas anyone?
> Cindy

I don't remember exactly how long you've been pumping but it is a small amount of
variation for most diabetic.  It could be even very tiny things.  Hope that helps
a little. Good luck!  :-)

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