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Re: [IP] Re; triglycerides and lipid management in diabetes

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>Hi Edna...
>	I don't think I've seen anyone address your questions regarding your
>triglyceride levels.... you didn't mention what the other components of 
>lipid profile are... but this is a great topic to bring up due to the
>importance of both primary and secondary prevention efforts in 
diabetes.  I
>work in a cardiac rehabilitation and prevention program and admit to 
>passionate about this, especially with regards to diabetes.  The ADA
>(finally & thankfully!) has quite recently come out in support of a 
>aggressive approach to lipid management in persons with diabetes - and 
>actually encouraging persons with diabetes who do not already have 
>heart disease, to lower their numbers to the *same* levels recommended 
>the NCEP guideline(National Cholesterol Education Program) for persons 
>known heart disease!  The relationship between diabetes and heart 
disease is
>so great that this should certainly be something that we are all aware 
>	These "goal" numbers are total cholesterol less than 150mg/dl; HDL 
>than 45-50mg/dl; LDL less than 100mg/dl; and triglycerides less than 
>The greatest evidence for stopping progression and even attaining 
>is the aggressive lowering of LDL.  There is less known about the role 
>triglycerides (which is one way the body transports fat molecules) in 
>disease, although we do know that there *is* a relationship between 
>blood sugars and triglycerides.  People who have weight management 
>or who are trying to lose weight will often exhibit high triglyerides 
>well.  Consider where your other numbers are Edna, and know that a 
>diet & exercise can play a role, not to mention all the hard work that 
>are doing maintaining good BS control.  In addition there are many new 
>effective lipid lowering meds out there, some which will target one
>component (i.e., tri's) more effectively than others.  Ask your Dr or
>pharmacist about that option.
>Keep up the great work & nice job on the glycated!!  :)
>-Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE
>MM507 with Humalog since 11/97
>Type 1 since '83
>>so Dr m is hoping this will help and getting my tricyceriles down.
>anybody else have a problem with high triclycerides.  My were high even
>before being dx with diabetes.
>i'm using minimed 506 and hve had it since nov 95
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