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Re: [IP] Re: a very bad day....

< profane message deleted >

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>> As a digest subscriber my biggest complaint about the list is when 
>> just hit 'reply' and resend the entire digest back.
>I agree. The instructions from Michael or anyone else are not meant as 
>insult or derogatory. It is a necessary aid in making our list easy to 
use by
>all members. In my program (YMMV) you can highlight certain text then 
>reply. I do not understand the reference to the HTML, so if I'm using 
it maybe
>someone can teach me another way.
>Sue, you are a welcome member here as is each person with differing 
>Heaven for bid, I don't agree with all of Sara's ranting about Doctors 
but I
>have learned a great deal from those rants. I now approach my doctors 
with a
>little more question. Thanks, for your input Sara. - Katie
>Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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