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[IP] We be disabled (disabled R us)

     ON Tue, 1 Sep 1998 email @ redacted wrote: 
     > 35 years ago, upon first becoming IDDM, I promised myself that I 
     > would not use my diabetes for my own gain .  At that time I believe 
     > what I was referencing was the ability to gain using IDDM as a 
     >negotiating tool or a levering agent, most likely in matrimonial 
     > battles (having been newly married).  
     36 3/4 years ago, upon first becoming IDDM, I realized that life was 
     better spent eating at home than the hospital.  Upon attaining the OLD 
     AGE of four (two years later) I returned to the hospital due to 
     komatose (from summer flu).  Due to these two 'wonderful' experiences 
     I have decided I'd rather 
     It wasn't until I was in college that I had a 'disabling' experience: 
     I lost my vision in what should have been my last semester of college.
     After one professor failing me for a computing graphics research 
     course which he wouldn't let me drop (I was the first undergrad he 
     ever accepted to do research and he told me I became blind just to 
     hurt him)and another attempting to have me thrown out of the 
     university for 'wasting space', I recovered my vision and finished my 
     Since then I have been 'politely' turned down after interviews for 
     jobs where my medical condition was 'discovered' (I love LARGE 
     companies with 'freinds' in universities) but once I was in the work 
     world I've had almost no problems getting time for Drs and whatnot.
     Do I want a 'disabled' pilot flying an airline??  Do I want a 
     'disabled' Dr. diagnosing patients?
     If the 'disability' can lead to fatal problems it is WRONG to have the 
     person in that job.  And if the 'disability' doesn't affect work, it 
     ain't a disability.  If I'm not able to work then why should a company 
     have me on their payroll (except to get their insurance company back 
     for the high premiums they are charged I guess).
     Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi
     email @ redacted

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