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Re: [IP] Re: a very bad day....

I used to subscribe to the digest also and it is very tiresome to have to
scroll back through an long letters that we have quite possibly already read
several times before.  If you paste back a letter please  just snip the
necessary amount.  When you recieve the letters directly it is not as much of
a problem but it really is a problem when you receive the IP in the Digest

Sue, I can understand how you possibly misunderstood and had hurt feelings but
I due to how large this list has expanded over this past year we all have to
be very careful with what and how we send messages now.  Michael is just doing
what needs to be done to keep the list up and running smoothly so we can all
enjoy it as it is meant to be.  

I applaud you Michael for doing such a fabulous job with this list (also for
sharing such valuable information with us about your experiences with your
daughter).  And Sue, I applaud you for having the guts to speak out like you
did.  Many of us would have just sat there in silence with our feelings hurt.
Aren't you glad that you did, because now you can realize that Michael did not
mean anything personally but rather he was looking at it strictly from an
administrative viewpoint.  I also enjoy input from everyone - there is not a
person on this list that I have not learned something from.  Kudos to everyone
who shares their thoughts and feelings!

Sherri Lynn
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/