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[IP] Re; triglycerides and lipid management in diabetes

Hi Edna...

	I don't think I've seen anyone address your questions regarding your
triglyceride levels.... you didn't mention what the other components of your
lipid profile are... but this is a great topic to bring up due to the
importance of both primary and secondary prevention efforts in diabetes.  I
work in a cardiac rehabilitation and prevention program and admit to being
passionate about this, especially with regards to diabetes.  The ADA
(finally & thankfully!) has quite recently come out in support of a more
aggressive approach to lipid management in persons with diabetes - and are
actually encouraging persons with diabetes who do not already have known
heart disease, to lower their numbers to the *same* levels recommended by
the NCEP guideline(National Cholesterol Education Program) for persons WITH
known heart disease!  The relationship between diabetes and heart disease is
so great that this should certainly be something that we are all aware of.
	These "goal" numbers are total cholesterol less than 150mg/dl; HDL greater
than 45-50mg/dl; LDL less than 100mg/dl; and triglycerides less than 200.
The greatest evidence for stopping progression and even attaining regression
is the aggressive lowering of LDL.  There is less known about the role of
triglycerides (which is one way the body transports fat molecules) in heart
disease, although we do know that there *is* a relationship between elevated
blood sugars and triglycerides.  People who have weight management issues,
or who are trying to lose weight will often exhibit high triglyerides as
well.  Consider where your other numbers are Edna, and know that a low-fat
diet & exercise can play a role, not to mention all the hard work that you
are doing maintaining good BS control.  In addition there are many new and
effective lipid lowering meds out there, some which will target one
component (i.e., tri's) more effectively than others.  Ask your Dr or
pharmacist about that option.

Keep up the great work & nice job on the glycated!!  :)

-Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE
MM507 with Humalog since 11/97
Type 1 since '83

>so Dr m is hoping this will help and getting my tricyceriles down.
anybody else have a problem with high triclycerides.  My were high even
before being dx with diabetes.
i'm using minimed 506 and hve had it since nov 95

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