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Re: [IP] Time with Friends

On  1 Sep 98 at 2:34, Enter your name here wrote:

> Dear  Pumper & Friends,
>     It has been a very bad time for me of late, both of my Doctor's are
> leaving so now it need to find new ones to work with. I have  always had a
> team of people to take care of me and now two of the best doctors are gone.
> But because they did their jobs right I know what to do and what kind of
> people I need on my team. From the first of April my health as gone down
> hill, plain as day I dying. They are giving me my food by IV and it is
> making me sick , six time in hospital, I can't work anymore. I'm almost out
> of money, and so weak, no power, can't do anything because of the Pain and
> no power weak.

I hope and pray that you will find a good health team to work with 
you.  You're in my prayers - for healing, strength and renewal...

>     But my friends I plan on still being here for many years, I will need to
> learn new ways of doing things. But with friends as Randall, Bob, Buddy,
> Sara, and others, I  will  learn what I need to learn. I'm sorry that I
> can't write more often but with the pain and being sick it is very hard to
> do.

I hope you're with us for many years too.  You've made many valuable 
contributions to the list since I've been on it and I appreciate you 
taking the time and making the effort to write to us.  Remember that 
your friends are thinking about you.

Randall P. Winchester
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