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[IP] Re: a very bad day....

In response to...

>Today I have had a very bad day and I am very depressed.  To top it off,
>this evening, I received the following e-mail from Michael (the list

><< There have been some gripes about the length the
>'trailer' automatically added by your email program to your outgoing
>mail. Some of the 'digest' members really object to all the
>superfulous lines that get added to each digest by such things. Would
>you mind shortening it a little?>>

As a digest subscriber my biggest complaint about the list is when people
just hit 'reply' and re-send the entire digest back. Hey folks, use a
little common sense here - if you're replying to a specific post - edit it
down so that you're not sending copious amounts of text.

The other pain is html email - people sending browser based email that
contains html coding! Not all of us use an html based email client (like
Eudora). Browsers generally allow you to set a preference for html or plain


Dave Zakary

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