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[IP] Time with Friends

Dear  Pumper & Friends,
    It has been a very bad time for me of late, both of my Doctor's are
leaving so now it need to find new ones to work with. I have  always had a
team of people to take care of me and now two of the best doctors are gone.
But because they did their jobs right I know what to do and what kind of
people I need on my team. From the first of April my health as gone down
hill, plain as day I dying. They are giving me my food by IV and it is
making me sick , six time in hospital, I can't work anymore. I'm almost out
of money, and so weak, no power, can't do anything because of the Pain and
no power weak.
    But my friends I plan on still being here for many years, I will need to
learn new ways of doing things. But with friends as Randall, Bob, Buddy,
Sara, and others, I  will  learn what I need to learn. I'm sorry that I
can't write more often but with the pain and being sick it is very hard to
do. But I do read everything over 4000 posts too. I hope to be able to stay
online but if I must I will  go to juno to get mail. If I may Glenn THANK
YOU and drop me a note if you have the time. Roz :-)  Sue;-) MJ ;-) and all
the old Pumper Inker's a Big HUG. Life is to short to be mad at anyone for
long so give them a hand or a HUG. To many people have forgotten that human
have  need to be touched. A hand in friendship or a HUG with love is
something everyone need everyday. We have let fear over take that need
because we fear it is wrong. It is not if it is given with friendship and /
or love.    Diabetic from 5/20/78  pumper from 10/79
Remember to.........................  SMILE & BE HAPPY
email @ redacted

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