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Re: [IP] (no subject)

Sue, I am very sorry that you have been hurt by comments by individuals
on this list.

Since joining in January, 1998 I have often felt chagrined by unkind
comments made to others .

We must all remember that although we do not have the ability to "see"
or to "hear" people, we still retain the ability to injure with the
electronic marvel that is the e-mail.  

Please do not withdraw from Pumpers, Sue.  Your iteration of your life's
happenings have engaged many of us:  we have a need to know that you are
well.  Also, your comments and encouragement to others is invaluable. 

You have engaged me, Sue!  I am wondering if I should send this or if I
should save people the time involved in reading this epistle.  Ah, well!
The wonders of e-mail - I really do not have to worry about it - I, too
have the ability to press "delete".

Ruth K.

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