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Re: [IP] Disabled R US

35 years ago, upon first becoming IDDM, I promised myself that I would
not use my diabetes for my own gain .  At that time I believe what I was
referencing was the ability to gain using IDDM as a negotiating tool or
a levering agent, most likely in matrimonial battles (having been newly

Looking back, that decision has served me well because of my particular
perspective.  I am not suggesting that this should be a modus operandi
for all not that such a philosophy has any merit whatsoever.  

It does seem, however, that it is a conflict to want not to be
discriminated against because of diabetes and yet to want certain
advantages granted because of that very same condition.

Well said from this section of the Peanut Gallery, Sara!

Please forgive my rambling.  I am only awake now because my BG was 45 a
few minutes ago.  Is that using my IDDM?

Ruth K.

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