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[IP] Mail to the crew!


I'm really glad to hear about your visit today. That makes me feel alot
better. I sorta thought that is what was up with you but I don;t want to give
the wrong info ever.
I do the fasting thing too and I think at least Lily does too. That is really
helpful. I, however, could NEVER go 12 hours without eating. But really you
don't have to. To check one basal rate, just skip THAT meal and THAT bolus.
If you go up or down more than 20 or 30 points in a six hour period, you will
know to adjust. There is a good acticle about this in this month's issue of
Forecast magazine. Try to get ahold of it if you don't get it, or better yet,
Glenn--I miss you. God, don't get quiet on me now!!! I did as you advised,
and got a subscription to the "Diabetes Management" magazine. That is really
good. I really like to acticles in it.
Cindy--I'm sorry I haven't written that letter I said I was going to. I will
soon. I saw your name in "Making Friends" this month in Forecast. Stupid me
took a minute to figure out who you where. So dumb. You will be getting lots
of mail from diabetics and also religious material to try to save you. I got
two letters from prisoners, but all the rest was great. Good luck and good
Good news--I have to ring my own bell a minute here. I got remeasured at the
gym yesterday. I was pissed cause I only lost two pounds in three weeks, BUT
I LOST inches in all my measurements except my breasts, and frankly I DON'T
want to loose them!! I gained the weigh in muscle that I lost in fat and my
body fat went way down. I'm just glad to see that it is working.
Gotta go
Love ya'll!