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[IP] new doctor, new basals...

Hello All...   I thank all of you who responded to my question about the
"bolus issue" I really like the idea of having the issue put to so many
others who may have some input to add to its solution. Thank You all.  My
visit today with my "new" doctor went very well. He spent at least 1 hour and
20 minutes with me discussing the pump , basal rates and bolus ratios. His
thoughts were to start over again and re-establish my basal rates doing 12
hour fast for each period tested. Just as,many of you suggested, he thought
my basals were out of whack and I had to get them in order before moving  on
to the bolus issue. I'll be doing that soon but first I have a vacation to
get out of the way . I know that what I'm working with now will be OK till I
get back home and on a routine. We (my wife and I) are headed for New
Hampshire and onward to the coast of Maine for a week of fun. We leave
October 8th and expect to be gone 8 days. Tough, huh ?  I'll be watching the
mail, Bye..Ted