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Re: [IP] Lily

On Sun, 28 Sep 1997 email @ redacted wrote:

> This is a test message to the new mailing list.  I read the article about
> Lily on the web page.  I'm curious.  All the manipulating with her basals,
> was that suggested by a doctor or cde, or has she just experimented on her
- --------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Hmmm...  Lily was (at 11) and I believe still is the youngest pump 
patient in Dr. Prendergast's practice.  He currently has over 500 pump 
patients.  They have probably gathered more information on adolescent 
pumping requirements from us than the other way around.
Lily and I currently do all the basal rate/ratio/etc.. adjustments 
ourselves.  I intended to put a HOWTO for all this on the website soon.

Every few months, Lily and I will re-run her basal rate requirements -- 
but only if she starts to get out of whack.  It's not to hard and makes 
life much easier when meal, sleep, exercise patterns are not fixed.