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[IP] Medtronic 670G

 Hi. I feel the Guardian sensor is very close to what my Meter says. The pump
learns your body when your in automode and using the sensor. I went from the
630G to the 670G. I had a big leaning curve. The Enlite sensors not very
accurate as you said.I am using my upper arm Guardian sensor,and,my quickset in
my upper buttocks area. Had to get Dr Approval. But my stomach has alot of
 I feel bad if you had bad experience with Medtronic. They did have issues with
sensors out of stock but they always made sure I had some. No issues now. My
first trainer was bad. But he left and my new trainer is great. I have alot of
options too. But you can choose whatever you want. I really like that the pump
will say BG required. Even though my pump says 105. I will check it and it is
sometimes lower. It knows I have insulin on board. It is pretty smart. I had a
lot of bad low"s. So now I feel safe with this pump and the automode option.B
 You can use it without sensor is correct. But not automode. I like it pretty
close to a pancreas for me.I fear to getting near retirement and if can have the
options of a new pump that helps me stay well. My a1c was 6.4 and lows much
improved. I fear if they don't get a handle on this. I would be on shots and out
 My insurance is good now. I am lucky. They covered most of the pump. Out of
pocket for supplies is a bit high for me. My rx plans are changing. My pharmacy
wants not to cover my Novolog at all. I can't use anything else. Go figure. I
feel this should not be an issue nor getting a pump. I wish you all the best.

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