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[IP] Re: Medtronic 670G

 Oops - looks like I typed too fast - I meant to say that if you don't get the
Guardian sensors, you can only use the 670G in manual mode (not automode). I,
myself, am not sure that automode would work for me. For whatever reason, likely
related to my gastroparesis, I need to run a basal at 4 times my normal rate for
a lot of foods that I eat. Since my menu is limited because of my gastroparesis,
I end up switching to one of my basal patterns when I eat those foods (which is
daily). I just don't see how automode is going to learn that since it doesn't
"know" what food I am eating. I have read that it uses the past 7 days of data
to make adjustments ... but I don't see how it compensates for these increased
basals I need. I also think raising my blood sugar goal to 150 will not allow me
to get through my twice-weekly water aerobics class without going low. As it is,
I run a minimal basal about 2 hours before class and eat breakfast without
bolusing for it and still can e!
 nd up low at the end of class.  

 Thanks to other folks for letting me know that Tandem and Omnipod pumps have
temporary basals, basal patterns and some other features I like. I wasn't able
to discern that from their websites or the various charts that are out there
comparing various pumps.
 An implantable pump sounds interesting. How do they screen so that they can
figure out if your body will react badly to the implantation? I'm one of those
who cannot wear an infusion site more than 3.5 days; I also have issues with
sensor sites for more than 7 days.

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