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Re: [IP] Medtronic 670G

 Let us hope . . . but with the current budget axes aimed at Medicare, I just
hope the tools are still available when I come of age. I've been paying into
Medicare without interruption for 44 years now, and still have nearly 5 more
years to age 65. Right now, I'm just working for my group health insurance HMO.
And grateful that I can work for a company that offers it. And hoping that I can
retire *someday* p.


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Hopefully Medicare will come out of the dark ages- and even more health plans
will follow. For Medicare it makes fiscal sense.If we,as PWD1's have access to
the tools and Rx's we need (at affordable prices) we will be healthier - and
less expensive when we join Medicare!

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Omnipod also has all of the standard pump features (temp basals, extended
boluses, etc.), but the reservoir is only 200 units with a minimum fill of 85
units -- so it's more suitable for those who need smaller quantities or who
are willing to change sites every 2 days. I love tubeless and I only use
about 20-25 units a day, so I couldn't be happier. Hopefully Medicare will
come out of the dark ages and approve pods before I'm eligible in 5 years.
And hopefully Medicare will still be around then . . .

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