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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V13 #1293 IP Pump

 Thanks George for putting the correct link up about the implantable pump. When
I put this in I just could not stand more time passing like the last 30 years, I
was literally sick of the lows, highs etc. I put it in thinking it would help me
for five years until the next best thing comes out.
 The pump is the 2007 which is big and antiquated but it is well tested and has
never killed anyone, to my knowledge.
 When Medtronic canned it all the people here that were on it either had to stop
or go to Europe. I think around 6 chose to go to Europe. There are some world
authorities on this that believe subq is tantamount to malpractice. I think I
The normal hepatic pathway is 70% liver and 30% peripheral, which IP achieves .

 If you take insulin subq the pathway is opposite, 70% peripheral and 30%
 The original device engineer and team that did this pump has a new closed loop
pump with ip sensors that is 1/3 the size of the 2007 and the surgery is easy to
put it in the butt and then tunnel through the omentum. He has tested it in dogs
and it sounds really good.
The problem is money, so we shall see.
 I would really like an automated closed loop system but I am really Leary of
subq. If the subq systems get to the point of really controlling bg with a H1C
in the 5bs I may consider.
 Right now with the IP I am taking around 23 units per day and with the subq
With similar weight and diet I took around 32 units. Doesnbt sound like much
but is big on a percentage basis.
France is so ahead of us in diabetic care.
 They have a dedicated diabetes floor for any diabetics that need to be
Also, all the new companies trying to get to market go there first.
 I love my Doctor there, Dr. Eric Renard. He knows so much more than most
doctors here and is totally accessible to me.
Do not know what more to say for now.
More later!
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