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Re: [IP] Also wondering which new Pump?

I am also on Medicare with the Kaiser Medicare advantage plan here in 
the NW. The warranty on my Animas Ping ran out last May. I had already 
decided my next pump will be a Tandem. There is no way I will consider a 
Medtronic pump, I had such bad experiences with their sales rep when I 
was initially looking at pumps in 2007. All he did was tell me what was 
wrong the other pumps not what was right with his pump. Unfortunately 
Kaiser tells me that unless there is something wrong with my Ping I 
can't get another pump until May 2018 at the 5 year mark.B  It probably 
just needs a scratch, we shall see.

So yes, Becky I think you will regret working with Medtronic.


On 10/27/2017 9:24 AM, Michael/Becky LaSpina wrote:
> So...my Animas PING is out of warranty in January 2018.  I am on Medicare
> Part A and Part B with the Senior Advantage Kaiser plan.  So...when I look
> at the Tandem Pump page on acquiring their pump; site states they do not
> work with Kaiser or Medicare on Animas warranty? This is how I read the
> site.  I do know Kaiser offers both 630g from Medtronic (which my CDE is
> pushing) as well as Tandem.
> Wondering what issues cause IP members to NOT want to work with Medtronic?
> I became a member of IP back in 1998 and began with the MiniMed 507c but
> after six years went with Animas and have been happy ever after...until
> now.
> Will I regret working with Medtronic?
> Becky LaSpina
> Type I since 1957
> .
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