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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V13 #1292 response to Vern Catron re: Medtronic.

 > I do not post often but I just have to respond to Vernbs statement about
Medtronic. Medtronic is all about money,
 period. When Medtronic bought minimed they acquired mini-medbs Implantable
Pump which delivers insulin to your intraperitroneal cavity and is taken
directly up by your liver. This is the most normal Physiologic delivery and
works light years better than Subq delivery. Because of the money considerations
Medtronic never introduced it to the US market nor did they acquire FDA
approval. It is approved in the EU and Medtronic does support the EU business,
even though they have tried not to.
 I have had diabetes for 31 years and have always maintained a H1C of around
 Since the diseases inception I have never felt metabolically healthy. Hard to
describe but I am sure most of you know what I am talking about. I went to
France one year ago and had the IP pump implanted. It has been the most
wonderful thing for me, almost like being cured. No more roller coasters , my
H1C is now 5.7 with no lows and I feel metabolically healthy.
I have to go to France every 3 months, for the 10 minute refill procedure.
 It is fairly easy to get a compassion fda approval for the refill here but
Medtronic would have to sign off on it, which they absolutely refuse to do. 6
Americans fly over every 3 months. Check out the iipump.com
 There is a much smaller closed loop ip Pump with ip sensors in works. I hope it
comes to market soon. After experiencing IP delivery I can not get excited about
closed loop Sub Q systems. There is much research about this. One thing that is
scary to me is the amount of insulin needed for subq to work can cause
hyperinsulinemia which is being linked to brain and cardiac issues and cancer.
Just wanted to share!
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