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[IP] Re: (IP) Re: Pam Brown - Another Part B insulin question

"Meanwhile, just a comment on what you say below - there are actually some
federal rights you have to get a supplement policy later without considering
your health (called guaranteed issue rights) even if you have an Advantage
plan. At least some of these rights might pertain to people with Cost plans
too, I'm not sure."
I did more homework based on what you said, Pam, and I think I do have the
rights as you described. There is something in the Medicare literature about
always having the right to move back to original Medicare from a cost plan.
And then I will double-check, but I do think that I will have the bMedigap
protectionsb as discussed at this link and conditions that you were
referring to. To me it certainly sounds as if I ever move to another state, I
will have the option because I moved out of my planbs service area.


All of this is an example of why I have started this process early. I keep
learning things from experts like you and experts like the other T1 seniors I
know on Medicare. Diabetes isnbt the only medical condition that is
complicated when one moves to Medicare, but we definitely have many things to
consider in our decision-making.

I am a blogger and write at http://testguessandgo.com. I have been writing a
Countdown to Medicare with Type 1 Diabetes series where I started at 12 months
before and publish a new post at the beginning of every month. (I did skip one
month due to sheer laziness!) Hopefully when I am all done, I will have helped
at least a couple other people. I know some people who are doing just fine on
Medicare and I know others who struggle. I used to dread moving to Medicare,
but I am currently in the individual pool in Minnesota. Webve lost multiple
insurers and the rates are so high that anything looks good in comparison.

If you, Pam, or anyone else at Insulin Pumpers has any interest in writing a
guest post, let me know. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable!

Thanks again, Pam and everyone at Insulin Pumpers:-)

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