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[IP] Re: (IP) Re: Pam Brown - Another Part B insulin question

You're welcome Laddie. Let me know what your number crunching shows. I'm

Meanwhile, just a comment on what you say below - there are actually some
federal rights you have to get a supplement policy later without considering
your health (called guaranteed issue rights) even if you have an Advantage
plan. At least some of these rights might pertain to people with Cost plans
too, I'm not sure. For instance if your Advantage plan raises its premium or
cost-sharing, reduces benefits or drops your providers you have such a right.
Also there are a couple of trial periods where if you start with an Advantage
plan initially at age 65 and don't like it, you have 12 months to get a
supplement instead, or if you start with a supplement and then later switch to
an Advantage plan for the first time and don't like it, you have 12 months to
switch back. Another one is if you move out of the area served by your
Advantage plan. So keep that in mind when making your initial decision. Of
course you'd need to find out if these same rights apply to people with Cost
plans too or if they're only for people with Advantage plans. My materials
don't address that since there is only one cost plan in our whole state. And
depending on what state you move into you may have even more rights (for
instance California has very generous rights regarding Supplements and I
believe New York might too).
Anyway, good luck and keep me posted. Pam

<I know that my diabetes life will be easier on a cost plan because I will
usetheir suppliers and I think escape competitive bidding. In general health
in Minnesota are well-run and I have a lot of confidence in the plans I am
considering. But I know if I do not choose a supplemental plan to start, I
that option forever unless they are eventually forbidden from taking
pre-existing conditions into account. I think that that becomes a concern if
ever move to another state where the advantage plans are not good and are
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