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[IP] Re: (IP) Pam Brown - Another Part B insulin question


Thank you for taking time to give me such thorough answers on my questions. 

 I knew that Cost plans are considered hybrids and your comments help me
understand that they can make their own rules in certain cases. I am fortunate
to know one person with Type 1 who is using one of the plans I am considering.
He is getting CGM coverage and has shared some of the cost information for that.
Unfortunately he doesnbt pump so he canbt help me in that area. But I suppose
as long as I use consistent cost info as I compare plans, itbs great to know
that I might be overstating my costs.

 Now that I finally have the 2017 info, I will crunch numbers and see if a clear
favorite emerges.

 I know that my diabetes life will be easier on a cost plan because I will use
their suppliers and I think escape competitive bidding. In general health plans
in Minnesota are well-run and I have a lot of confidence in the plans I am
considering. But I know if I do not choose a supplemental plan to start, I lose
that option forever unless they are eventually forbidden from taking
pre-existing conditions into account. I think that that becomes a concern if I
ever move to another state where the advantage plans are not good and are very

 The supplemental plan I am looking at allows me to buy a rider to cover the 20%
copay. To start it is more expensive per month than the cost plans. However my
out-of-pocket for pump supplies and insulin will be substantially less. Number
crunching will allow me to see how things compare. It is possible that I will
choose to start with a supplemental knowing that I can switch to a cost plan if
I am unhappy. I wish that I had a crystal ball to know if and when Medicare will
cover CGMS.

Thanks again!

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