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[IP] Re: (IP) A question on pump supplies under Medicare

 Yes, Medicare negotiates DME supplies. In fact, in many parts of the country,
many DME supplies are subject to competitive bidding and you must purchase them
from the authorized vendors. The medicare.gov website under the Forms, Help and
Resources will show you more about that for your area.
 Medicare's reimbursement rates or allowed costs for almost all medical services
and supplies are lower than that of private insurance, so if you use your
private plan's negotiated prices in your calculations you'll likely be
overstating how much you'll owe. But you could at least do what you've laid out
below to get a rough idea. Someone in your region who gets the same supplies
from Medicare can probably look at their statements and give you a more precise
estimate. Of course if you enroll in an Advantage or Cost plan they'll have
their own negotiated prices different than if you use Original Medicare with a
supplement. Pam

 <As I mentioned in a different question about Medicare, I live in Minnesota
andwill go on Medicare in April 2017. As I consider the cost of my pump supplies
 under a Supplemental Plan, it looks as though they will paid for 80% by
Part B with the supplemental plan paying the remaining 20%.

 If I choose a Cost Plan (common in Minnesota and similar to Advantage plans),
it looks as though I will be responsible for the 20%.

 For those of you on Advantage plans, what numbers are you seeing as the
bcostb of pump supplies. I know Medicare is forbidden by law to negotiate drug
prices, but do they negotiate DME prices? As I start to crunch numbers, does it
make sense to use the negotiated prices that I received under private insurance
pre-Medicare and calculate that I would pay 20% of that? For example my current
insurance shows member cost of my Comfort Short Infusion sets (Box of 10) as
$112 and under Medicare I would pay 20% or $22.40 per box. The
insurance-negotiated price of my reservoirs is $29 of which I would pay 20% or
$5.80 per box.

 Do those numbers make sense? I will be switching to a Tandem pump before
Medicare and will be using Tandem cartridges along with Comfort Short infusion
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