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Re: [IP] Tslim Dexcom discussion vs Minimed

This is a highly opinionated review:

 I donbt like Minimed with their CGM solutions. Itbs an engineering thing.
When a company uses bMore stuffb to make things work, they are not doing
things properly. When I called Minimed about having problems with the original
CGM, they wanted to sell me bmore tapeb to put on the setup. Since we have the
new one, there is bmore tapeb included in the setup, so at least I donbt have
to buy it.

 However, the solution of bmore tapeb illustrates a design flaw on the sensor.
It has a piece essentially hanging out of your body, willing to catch itself on
undergarments, an odd twist of your body, or a swinging arm. Also, our body is
not flat, so putting tape or something else to make it stick puts tension on the
installation point, causing it to push or pull on the installation point. Itbs
a leverage thing.

 Now, to the Dexcom solution. It completely covers the installation, and thereby
keeps the sensor close to the body. The tape covers the installation point, so
there is no leveraging or pulling the sensor out.

 Until Minimed changes their methodology for the installation and retention of
the sensors, the conversations with them is really short.

 On 10/30/15, 6:11 PM, "email @ redacted on behalf of Padma
Bending" <email @ redacted on behalf of
email @ redacted> wrote:

>Mikki Lee Weaver said:
>>There are features that the Tslim has that MiniMed pumps don't have
>>like if have a square wave bolus going and you want to take more insulin, 
>>like you ate more or miscalculated, you don't have to stop the sw and
>>reprogram something new or stop to take a bolus then start the sw again.
>>The Tslim you can take a bolus ontop of the sw that is going on.
>I'm confused - I have a 530G.  If I have a square wave or dual wave
>bolus and I need to do a regular bolus, I just push bolus, Act, then
>Act again when it tells me how the square wave bolus is progressing,
>and then I can do a manual bolus or use the bolus wizard to 
>calculate my regular bolus.
>Padma Bending
>dx'ed 2/2001   Type 2
>530G with Enlite
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