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[IP] Re: (IP) Medicare and Obamacare

I can answer you. No, if you're eligible for Medicare (free Part A) first then
it is illegal for anyone to sell you an ACA policy (Obamacare) and you can't
get one. If you have an ACA policy first and you become eligible for free Part
A youB should drop your Obamacare policy. You can keep both in that case but
it would make no sense because they don't coordinate at all plus you'll lose
any subsidies you had for Obamacare. That's because both free Medicare Part A
and Obamacare are considered Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) meeting the Minimum
Essential Coverage (MEC) criteria under the ACA. Employer plans also are
considered QHPs. You are not allowed to have more than one QHP at a time.
Just like you can't forgo employer coverage if it's available to you and
choose an ACA plan instead, you can't forgo Medicare once you're eligible in
favor of an ACA plan. The ACA was designed for people who don't have the
option of getting a QHP any other way such as through Medicare or their
employer. The only people with Medicare who can get an ACA plan and still even
get subsidies for it are those who did not work enough quarters for free Part
A and who would otherwise have to buy it ($406/mo if you worked less than 30
quarters). In that case you have a choice of buying Medicare Part A or getting
an Obamacare plan.
If you have SSDI or Social Security retirement income then you're eligible for
free Part A and you can't get an Obamacare plan. If you lose your SSDI I
believe your Medicare continues for 8 more years so you still couldn't get
Obamacare instead. After 8 years you'll almost be 65 and then you'll age into
Medicare instead of having it due to disability so you still couldn't get
<56 year old female W Medicare. It takes up most of my check paying the 20%
copay. My question is... Can I get off medicare and purchase Obama Care which
for me would be a 50% savings after seeing my endocrinologist.B  I mean my
is looking almost $80.B  I have to go back to work as I can make more money
working 20-30 hours per week than I make on SSDI.B  Can anyone answer this
question? I live in Florida which with our crazy Governor Rick Scott there
very little benefits that I am aware of.>
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