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[IP] Re: How to get Insulin at a Cheaper Price

>> I don't believe insulin requires a prescription. I thought there 
a law passed federally a long time ago that said insulin and syringes
will be available with out a prescription. I could be wrong.
Insulin *analogs* are not really natural insulin and *they* require a
Right now you can go into a walmart and buy a bottle of regular
insulin, no questions asked for less than $30. No prescription 
required. Of
course the pharmacist can ask questions but I believe the law is 
still  in 
affect. >>>

The *Humulin* style insulin is a non-Rx item. The analogs are Rx-
required as 
they are a chemical makeup and not true insulins. That's why the 
costs. I lived on beef-pork insulin and its counterparts for 32 
years. I 
used Velosulin (a pure pork insulin) in my pump the first 16 years. 
It is 
doable. They were what was discovered in the beginning and nothing is 
with them. It's just that they are not as convenient as the rapid-

If you are a Type 1 on a pump and have Medicare, they will pay 80% of 
cost on Part B. Your supplemental policy (NOT secondary) will pick up 
remaining 20% resulting in FREE Apidra, Humalog, or Novolog.

Jan & Bluda II - T-1, 11/5/50, pumping 8/23/83, Dialyzing 7/8/02
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