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I'm so sorry William,  I remember writing a quick email answering your
question and I thought I sent it but I couldn't find it in my sent mail.
We moved Oct 1 and I have been very exhausted and discombobulated since.
I have been wearing the Tslim and the G4 for a year now. I LOVE MY DEXCOM!
The Tslim has things I Don't like.
The bolus wizard is a problem because the font for the insulin amounts is
INSAINTLY small.  I made 2 major dosing mistakes, one which required EMTs
at Walmart. My dexcom saved me and kept me from having to go to the
hospital. Visually I can't see the pump from my hip like I could my Mini
Med pump. I thought I took 3 units and took 8. The max bolus was set to 10.
I thought that was ok. Then I reset the max bolus to 6. It was hard to find
the max bolus setting to change it. I had to call tandem. Then I did it
again while watching tv. I tried to take 1 unit and took 6. I did not press
the #6, it reverted to 6 because I hit some other #s it didn't recognize.
The Tslim is a problem for those who can't see well. I showed my doctor the
pump and told her what happened; that moment she called the Tandem rep
to complain  about the font size and visibility with the Tslim. She got
them to upgrade me to a newer Tslim with the new software that had a
brighter screen and other new features. The pump trainer met with me and
suggested I only use the quick bolus because it is much larger visually. So
I'm doing that now. I only use the bolus wizard when the pump is right in
my face so I can see it. Even though there are 3-4 screens before you
actually give your bolus I couldn't see all of them including the last one
which should be as big as the whole screen. Instead they put the
stupid water droplet there and the # microscopic. There are features that
the Tslim has that MiniMed pumps don't have like if have a square wave
bolus going and you want to take more insulin, like you ate more or
miscalculated, you don't have to stop the sw and reprogram something new or
stop to take a bolus then start the sw again. The Tslim you can take a
bolus ontop of the sw that is going on. You can program different carb
ratios to target to insulin sensitivity for many different times of day.
Every program A, B, C or more has its own target, carb ratio and insulin
sensitivity factor.
Hope this helps. If you have more questions please ask. But remember I
don't like to be on the computer a lot. Please feel free to call me.

Mikki Lee Weaver
email @ redacted
ID 27yrs, pumping for over 20 mostly with MiniMed

 On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 6:09 PM, Melody Daniels <
> email @ redacted> wrote:
> > I donate $ to keep Insulin Pumpers running, and I'm happy to answer
> > questions
> > about Omnipod, Dexcom and Diabetic Alert Dogs.   At your service!
> > Melody
> > > > On 10/28/15 12:33 PM, william barishman wrote:
> > > >
> > > >> I am very disappointed, I asked members of our group who are using
> the
> > > >> tandem T slim G4 to let me know what they liked and what they
> disliked
> > > >> about this pump. There was no response what so ever, very
> > disappointing,
> > > >> either no one is using this pump or my request is being ignored.
> When
> > > >> others need answers to questions about a problem they are having or
> > need
> > an
> > > >> answer to some medical question related to a doctor or procedure
> > related
> > to
> > > >> diabetes I and others have responded with the best answers we could
> > giveB
> > > >> I feel slighted by others in this group. I am asking YOU TO PLEASE
> > HELP.
> > > >>
> > > >> William Barishman
> > .
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