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Re: [IP] Opinions of topics and controversy

I agree with Tina.

Whether we agree with ObamaCare  (ACA) or not, it is now law. We need
discussions from ALL sides so we all can find the best insurance we can,
whether it is private insurance, medicare, medicaid, or ACA plans. No one
person here know ALL the answers, so we need to get opinions on what we
think is best.

It would be good to get rid of all political talk, but it is not always

On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 9:27 PM, Tina Hudspeth <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Just was thinking and a good reminder for all, this list is for
> discussion.....primarily about diabetes, but that ends up including
> insurances, etc, etc, etc and for the really old IP members...Dunkin
> doughnuts vs Krispy Kremes, motor cycles and virtual snow ball fights.
> Lets all just remember, we all have opinions, we may not all agree on the
> best solutions to things be it Obamacare, costs, which pump is best, etc.
> We are here to discuss these things and learn. No discussion, no learning,
> then no self-awareness to protect us all from the doctors and their
> mis-information ( or leading us into a new era for those that are really
> good docs).
> I mean, isn't that why we have presidential elections every 4 years, or
> Olympics every few years?
> A) We are individuals and thus Opinionated and we do NOT all agree.
> B) No matter who gets elected president, someone is going to be unhappy.
> C) Our Opinions egg on our egos and cause us to do stupid things at things
> like the Olympic games such as flying down snowy mountains and icy slopes
> at 100 mph just to beat the others. Man, those crashes are really painful
> to watch. Who is ready to watch those daring people! Personally I can see
> no reason for such wonderful and amazing nonsense.
> Let's just all agree that sometimes we disagree, and we should all agree
> that disagreeing can be an agreement we can all agree with unless we
> disagree that we should agree to disagree....uuummm.
> Agree....I think I got lost in that, I agree with that.
> Saw a movie recently....Gravity, in 3D no less. Interesting movie and in
> someways, I relate the oxygen needs in this movie to the needs of a
> diabetic (taking insulin). Wow, pretty powerful thinking that way and just
> surviving to get through another day.
> The day may suck, but tomorrow there are all new chances for things to
> shine ( and let other things suck).
> Tina
> Remeber, with no discussion we would each be inventing the same wheel over
> and over and over and....
> .
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