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RE: [IP] Type 1 Diabetic and Obamacare

Hi John,

 I've been reading your posts, well, forever. Although I'm surprised that a man
of your sagacity would fall for an obviously ridiculous story, I've always found
your contributions worthwhile. Please continue to post. To check the reliability
of a story, copy a chunk of the text, put it in quotes and you'll find out if it
is to be believed. The author of a fraudulent story may be changed and won't
appear on snopes or similar sites but the body of the work won't change.

Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 08:01:03 -0400
From: "John S Wilkinson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Type 1 Diabetic and Obamacare

In my defense, I checked Snopes and nothing came up on Jennifer Hudson. If I
had known the information was wrong I would not have 
Posted it. I am not a pathological liar. I don't post wrong information if I
know it is wrong. I am a type 2 insulin dependent diabetic. I like to know
the latest
Information on anything dealing with medicine. When I see an article I
usually post it to IP. Maybe I should not do that anymore

John S Wilkinson
Rome, NY
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