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[IP] Re: Verio IQ ?

Laddie wrote (in part)
I've been using the Verio IQ for a month now and have mixed feelings
about it.  I like the bright color screen and love that it's ready for
blood the second you get the strip put in.  I can't tell whether it is
more accurate than my One Touch Minilink meters, but it's advertised
as such.  I have been using it for all of my Dexcom calibrations and I
do feel that my Dex has been more accurate than in previous months.  I
don't know whether there is any correlation.
Is it at all possible, that while you are on hyper focus mode, that 
something else abt your testing/frequency, etc might, just might be 
impacting the accuracy of the  Dex?
Just curious  : )
IME, when I try new stuff, it seems that I am more 'careful' or regulated or 
on schedule or whatever, and like all variables (and Diabeasties IS a 
conditions so very impacted by those darn variables....ha ha....) they are 
often difficult to control or even identify
I am using a DEX, well, not this week, I am taking a DEX break, and find it 
useful, but wish for so much more for it and my 'numbers' 
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