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Re: [IP] Verio IQ ?

Thank you! Your message is really helping with my decision.


On Wednesday, October 31, 2012, Laddie wrote:

> I've been using the Verio IQ for a month now and have mixed feelings
> about it.  I like the bright color screen and love that it's ready for
> blood the second you get the strip put in.  I can't tell whether it is
> more accurate than my One Touch Minilink meters, but it's advertised
> as such.  I have been using it for all of my Dexcom calibrations and I
> do feel that my Dex has been more accurate than in previous months.  I
> don't know whether there is any correlation.
> There are actually many things I don't like about the Verio. I find
> the strips difficult to get out of the container.  They're much
> smaller than the old strips.  They are also very thin so that I often
> end up with two strips.  I do have arthritis so my hands aren't super
> flexible, but they're not terrible either.
> The Verio is supposed to last two weeks on one charge based on testing
> 5 times a day.  I average about 10 tests a day and I am definitely
> being prompted to recharge it after about a week.  I am also probably
> running down the battery because I let it turn itself off.  Most other
> meters turn off when you pull out the strip.  Using my phone
> stopwatch, after you pull out the strip, it takes 30 seconds for the
> screen to dim and it turns completely off in 2 minutes.  I can push
> the OK button to turn it off but you have to hold it down for 5-6
> seconds.  That doesn't seem like much but it adds another
> time-consuming step to testing.
> Unfortunately the Verio is not yet compatible with MM Carelink, but it
> is compatible with Diasend if you use an Animas pump.  It uses its USB
> cord to download readings to the One Touch software.  It's a little
> confusing because the One Touch website doesn't list the Verio as one
> of the meters compatible with their software.  But it is.
> Out of curiosity I've been tagging results to see if the pattern alert
> is helpful.  Each pattern is only evaluated over 3 days and I've had
> two alerts of lows.  Frankly I don't think that 3 days is enough time
> period to establish helpful patterns, but maybe it is for some people.
>  I test often and use a Dexcom, so I don't expect much from the
> pattern technology.  I find it ironic that the download software
> doesn't evaluate my tagged readings, meaning I can't get an average of
> my before and after meal readings.
> I started with 10 boxes of 50 strips for the Verio and will probably
> quit using it once the strips run out.  I miss having my readings
> automatically sent to my pump.  Also because I can't get these
> readings into Carelink, I need to go back to my Link meters a few
> weeks before my endo appointment in December.
> Two other comments.  The clip in the case that comes with a Delica
> lancing device will also hold my MultiClix device.  Nice.  Although
> the white meter is very attractive, I have several times had smears of
> dried blood on it.  Easy to wipe off, but probably not a concern of
> most users of white iPhones.
> .
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