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RE: [IP] Verio IQ ?

They sent me a free Verio IQ  Haven't used it yet because I have to
charge it.  Just about everything has to be charged. GPS, cell phones,
(I have 2, personal and work) tablet so on and so on.  I am waiting for
the tablet, cell and GPS to come out with a AA or AAA battery.  Forget
the charger when you travel, OHH NOOOO.

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I've been using the Verio IQ for a month now and have mixed feelings
about it.  I like the bright color screen and love that it's ready for
blood the second you get the strip put in.  I can't tell whether it is
more accurate than my One Touch Minilink meters, but it's advertised as
such.  I have been using it for all of my Dexcom calibrations and I do
feel that my Dex has been more accurate than in previous months.  I
don't know whether there is any correlation.

There are actually many things I don't like about the Verio. I find the
strips difficult to get out of the container.  They're much smaller than
the old strips.  They are also very thin so that I often end up with two
strips.  I do have arthritis so my hands aren't super flexible, but
they're not terrible either.

The Verio is supposed to last two weeks on one charge based on testing 5
times a day.  I average about 10 tests a day and I am definitely being
prompted to recharge it after about a week.  I am also probably running
down the battery because I let it turn itself off.  Most other meters
turn off when you pull out the strip.  Using my phone stopwatch, after
you pull out the strip, it takes 30 seconds for the screen to dim and it
turns completely off in 2 minutes.  I can push the OK button to turn it
off but you have to hold it down for 5-6 seconds.  That doesn't seem
like much but it adds another time-consuming step to testing.

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