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Re: [IP] What would you do?

It's really too bad about the Omnipod not working for you.  I've been using
it for about 10 months and I've only had a few pods that haven't worked.
After being on this site for awhile and hearing all of the problems people
seem to have with infusion sets and other pumps, I thought the Omnipod was
a great choice.  I'm sorry I have no input about other pumps, because this
is the first and only pump I've ever used.  When you had problems with your
remote, did they change it out for you?  Does the pump not work because you
have a lot of scar tissue from the other pumps you've used?  Maybe you
could try wearing it on your legs.  Since it's tubeless you can wear it
anywhere you have some body fat.  I rotate from my torso to my legs in
hopes of not building up too much scar tissue in one place.

Good luck with whatever happens.  Sorry I wasn't much help.  Susan

On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 6:27 PM, Tracy Friend <email @ redacted>wrote:

> I ve been on the OmniPod since March, my old Cozmo finally died, forcing me
> to switch. While the OmniPod hasn t been ideal it does have some good
> features, like the fact that it s tubeless.
> Alas it s had more than the acceptable amount of failures, to include 2
> when
> I was more than 1 = hours from home. Now I carry an insulin pen with me for
> the next time the pump/pod fails.
> I want to get another pump. This one causes much stress and my HGA1c has
> gone from 6.8 to 7.1. But   here s the catch. OmniPod won t allow me to
> return it and get my money back. Not even just my deductible. It s past the
> 45 days. Even though they admit I ve had more than the acceptable amount of
> failures. (Both pod and pdm).
> So, I have this pdm, and a LOT of pods, that I don t trust on myself. I
> need
> something reliable. I am even considering going back to shots. Since the
> is in hold-up with any pumps and the DexCom CGM, I m nervous about moving
> to
> a new pump. I d kinda like to go back to MiniMed   but their CGM scares me
> quite frankly. I did a trial with Dexcom and I like it, but it didn t
> compare to the wonders of the Navigator, but that it not an option anymore.
> I really don t want to sink more money.
> So   what would YOU do? I need options. And quite frankly I m very tired of
> fighting, blood sugars AND pump companies.
> Please pumpers, help!!!
> Tracy F
> .
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